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I wear several hats, and loving all of them!

As well as being an avid traveler, I am an Author, Designer and Brand Marketer.

Author - It all began with writing. I especially love fiction but recently I wrote a non-fiction and a business book. I also enjoy collaborating with other writers and editors, and have worked with researchers in developing their dissertations, from idea conception (proposal) to completion.

Designer - As a Textile Designer, I am always looking for ways to creatively interpret my surroundings in print. I am formally trained in Surface Design (textile printing), and it's a very fulfilling gift! Nothing like seeing your design in print and on a functional, tangible product such as home goods or fashion!

Brand Marketer - I work with small businesses, satisfying their training and branding needs. I've made academia the core of branding and marketing and that's why I coach young entrepreneurs (as early as age 17) and start-ups to help bring their innovative business ideas to life!


writing hub

Recent contributions and collaboration with several nonprofits and churches for training workshops focused on leadership, nonprofit branding and marketing, and community outreach led to the exploration and the development of a faith-based and community outreach business guide and workbook.

Ideal for church and other nonprofit leaders and officers.

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More Books by Dawnette:

Writing Portfolio

Home Textiles

Wallpaper, Bedding, Throw Pillows, Home Accessories, etc.

Comfortable textiles that will brighten your living space.

apparel textiles

Textile design for streetwear apparel, tops, sneakers, scarves, etc.

KLÖZETTE began in 2022 as a custom-design apparel project.


brand marketing


(online course)

A practical step-by-step guide to brand marketing online and a resourceful collection of companies, platforms and tools you can use. An online workshop.

Learn about the key elements for building your brand, and how to establish it on social media platforms via digital marketing; plus, how to effectively harness the innovative creativity of artificial intelligence! View on TEACHABLE

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